Assembly Instructions of our Models for Download (PDF files)

M-0009 to M-0012 Interior Rheingold

M-0021 Double deck control car

M-0500 Crossing Keeper Building

M-0501 Signal tower Constance

M-0502 Constance overhead signal tower

M-0503 Switchgear Building (modern)

M-0504 Switchgear Building (octagonal)

M-0505 Konstanz Station Scale N

M-0506 Konstanz Platform Roofing Scale N

M-0500 Water Tower

M-0514 Konstanz Station Scale Z

M-0515 Konstanz Platform Roofing Scale Z

M-0516 Gas Station

M-0517 Car Garage / Work Shop

M-0518 Nenana US Depot

M-0519 Swiss Railroad Station "Kesswil"

M-0520 Swiss Freight Shed

M-0522 Small Railway Control Centre