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      The new technology in modeling: 3D model printing

3D is our passion. Since 10 years we are developing well known flight simulator airports labeled "sim-wings". Now we are glad to be enabled to use our experience of the virtual 3D world also for building real models and small series due to the latest 3D model printing technology.
Especially for small model railroad scales, like Z or N, a lot of originally modeled buildings and accessories are missed. We would like to fill these gaps with our small series models. 
At the beginning we present models and kits for the Z scale (1:220) and N scale (1.160). Our product range will be extended continuously.
Recently we also distribute fine z scale models made by the Swiss manufacturer z-bahn for Germany and EU countries.
Visit our forum where weŽll present new model constructions. Informations about our already available models can be found at our online shop.

Thorsten Loth
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